[Seisunix] Zero Offset VSP Processing

r.w.hobbs r.w.hobbs at durham.ac.uk
Thu Aug 6 12:11:31 CEST 2020


I agree with the previous posts, in particular you should be picking the 
maximum value maybe sumax can help with this. I also recommend you 
resample at a higher sample frequency - suggest suresamp rf=4, if you 
want to get a better estimate of the peak times.


On 05/08/2020 20:21, Erdi Apatay wrote:
> Hello Everyone
> I said before that I was trying to do Zero Offset VSP Processing. To do 
> that, I tried to use free software is called MVSP and Crewes toolbox. My 
> problem is that I can start picking first break arrivals from 4th trace, 
> and I can not see and pick the first three traces when I look at the 
> data during the picking.
> The first software itself assigns negative values for the first three 
> traces, which results in negative velocities. On the Crewes, I am trying 
> to assign values like 0.001 0.002 0.003 before the 4th trace because the 
> 4th trace's time is 0.006, which probably gives rise to wrong velocities.
> In short, Can I do anything about this issue on Seismic Unix? Is there 
> any chance to fix it?
> I added one of my files and the screenshot zoomed where the problem is. 
> I modeled and created this data on different code (fdelmodc). **The data 
> is passive data, and I utilized the noises, recording 120s. So, when you 
> look at my data, you need to zoom in to see closely.
> Thank you
> Best regards
> Erdi
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