[Seisunix] VSP Processing Bandpass filtering

Erdi Apatay eapatay at mtu.edu
Sat Aug 8 11:40:36 CEST 2020

Hello All

I am trying to move step by step on Zero Offset VSP Processing. Now, I am
trying to apply band pass filtering to my data using this:

*sufilter < xcor_output_20_sources_B1.su  f=5,10,15,20 amps=0,1,1,0 |
filter_data.su <http://filter_data.su>*

However, I did not understand how I should define the frequencies. I tried
to leave the first two frequencies constant and changed the next two
frequencies little by little. Then, I tried to subtract each other, using

*sudiff file1.su <http://file1.su> file2.su <http://file2.su> > diff.su

Is there any effective way to choose these 4 frequencies in bandpass
How should I learn my frequencies?

If you would like to check, I added my file here.

Best Regards
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