[Seisunix] Zero Offset VSP help

Dominique ROUSSET dominique.rousset at univ-pau.fr
Tue Aug 25 09:50:42 CEST 2020

just a few suggestions :
- check the output data for each step to find where it fails.
- print the FK amplitude spectrum to check your filter parameters (why
do you use 3 parameters for the filter ? slopes=-something,+something
amps=0,1 should be ok to keep positive slopes. Before and after FK
- use suxwigb key=gelev (or the parameter describing geophone depth) to
produce well labeled plots of the seismic data in T-Z domain instead of
- I prefer to pick the first breaks before FK (or zero phase F) filtering

Hope it helps


Le 25/08/2020 à 01:35, Erdi Apatay a écrit :
> Hello All
> I have a script I am using for Zero Offset VSP processing. First of
> all, my first three traces looked cut so I rejected them. After
> getting rejected file, I filtered out the downgoing wavefield by
> sudipfilt. Then, I picked arrivals on the zero amplitude line
> corresponding to picking amplitudes. Then, I converted those arrival
> times (seconds) to milliseconds and saving them in a txt.file. After
> that, txt file is converted from ascii to binary format. Finally, I am
> adding those time values to the traces by sustatic command.
> At this point, however, when I try to plot the flattened upgoings, the
> script plots just a so narrow part as follows:
> fkfiltflat.PNG
> Can you help me with this issue? I tried to change a lot of things but
> I could not get whole flattened upgoings. 
>  If you would like to check my script, I added here.
> Thank you
> Erdi
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