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Hi - Another document that seems to focus on advanced topics:
Be Healthy!
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    On Monday, June 8, 2020, 2:28:14 AM MDT, Dominique ROUSSET <dominique.rousset at univ-pau.fr> wrote:  
 There is a link in the wiki
 Enjoy !
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 Le 05/06/2020 à 20:55, Jose Colmenares a écrit :
After some (long) years of no geophysics, I finally installed the latest SU version, hopefully to finish some side projects I've been working on. 
  But I have not been able to find the SU manual in the source code downloaded from github. Nor I can download it from the wiki. Google finds one SU manual from MIT, which is old. 
  Where can I find the latest version of the SU manual? 
  Best regards, Jose Colmenares  
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