[Seisunix] Problem in code of vzestf.f

Fernando M. Roxo da Motta petro at roxo.org
Mon Feb 15 22:04:28 CET 2021

  A problem showed up when trying to recompile SU during "make fremake"
in cwp-44R19.

  In file 'vzestf.f' there is an inconsistency between the "subroutine
vzest"  and "subroutine readgrids_vzest", that is called by "vzvest".

The "subroutine vzest" describes this dummy argument as:
(about line 61)
     +  isort,                   !isort(2)
     +  fnames,                  !integer*120 fnames(2) misfit file
     +  topcmigfile,             !top c0

and defines it as:

(about line 143)
        character*120 fnames(2)

  The "subroutine readgrids_vzest" defines fnames as:

(about line 1119)
        character*120 fnames(3)

This definition contradicts the comment at the dummy argument list of
"subroutine vzest" and the definition of the parameter in it:

  Most recent Gfortran can be very picky about this kind of
inconsistency and abort compilation with an error message.   Changing
the definition of of the variable in "subroutine readgrids_vzest" to:

(about line 1119)
        character*120 fnames(2)

  Solves this problem.


P.S.- The 'segdread' has a problem as well with conflicting definition
of "__FILE" as defined in a GCC header file.   Didn't look at it.
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